May 11 2010

Update for May.

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So it has been a while since I have updated anyone to what is going on so I’d figure I would let you guys know. I have moved out of my friend’s house to a town home in North Arlington. The smaller space makes it a bit tougher though not impossible to work on Lola.

Aside from that I am still unpacking everything from the move and it will be some time before I even get to work on anything I really wanted to. I have met some of the DFW mazda crew and plan to be hitting the meets soon so hope to have pics of those events when I go to them. I wanted to thank everyone for the constant emails that I am getting. If i haven’t gotten back to you I am sorry as you can see things are pretty crazy. Also wanted to say thanks for the clicks on the Ads. It will be a while before I actually get anything out of them but hopefully they will eventually pay for this site.


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Feb 21 2010

Regular Maintenance

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So today did the usual Oil Change and replaced the wipers. Figured I would just throw an update out there so people knew that things are still being done. Also there is a huge new sponsor in the works.

All my body kit parts were also removed to get repainted and get some cracks and scratches repaired. Something I found that has been a great help in tracking my mileage and maintenance is an app called Gas Cubby. I am not pimping it out in anyway (nor do I work for them and they are not a sponsor) just wanted to let you guys know that I have found it to be a big help especially with the write ups that are coming.


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Feb 11 2010

One More Thing.

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I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has clicked on my google ads. I haven’t made enough to get a payout yet but it is getting there slowly. I did notice that my ads do get blocked by ad blockers like ABP which is an awesome add-on and I use myself. However if you could find it in your heart to help me out and disable ABP just for my page I promise no pop ups or inappropriate ads. And then of course click on them.

Many Thanks to all of you!

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Feb 11 2010

Review – Takeda Intake for Mazda 3

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This intake is very lightweight and easy to install.

Easy assembly right out of the box.

As far as appearance it looks great.

First impressions are a quicker throttle response and better low end torque.

The sound quality is an improvement over a stock intake.

However it is not as load as a full CAI ( Cold Air Intake ).

Having a Short Ram Intake allows for easier access to the filter.

One advantage of a SRI is not having to worry about hydrolocking.

Once installed this Intake is very solid and does not move or vibrate.

A little chrome goes a long way to spice up the engine compartment.

Overall I think this Intake is a step above your typical SRI.

Offering good performance gains and stylish looks.


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Feb 11 2010

Time for some updates & New Sponsor!

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It has been much to long since I updated this site, however I have good reason for everything that has been going on in my life time just would not allow for me to get the update done. However I finally made the time and got it up today.

First off I would like to welcome a new sponsor Takeda who makes cold air intakes for the Mazda 3 and MS3. They were kind enough to send Tekwatch and myself each of these to review. Their Reviews are in that section. Takeda is owned by parent company AFE (advanced flow engineering) and currently looks like the Takeda section is down. However you can still get their parts @

I will have more updates coming soon as time permits but I do have a lot of transition going on with moving to Texas and Working on Getting my own place keeps me pretty busy. I really appreciate the comments and emails as well as the patience for updating the site.


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Feb 11 2010

Review – Takeda Cold Air Intake for MS3

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Product: Takeda Cold Air Intake for Mazdaspeed 3 – Buy Here

What: Replaces the stock air-box with a smooth metal pipe.

Reason: Main reason that people will want to do this, is because this product will give you increased power, better gas mileage (maybe not if your “on it” all the time) a more aggressive noise and a little show for under the hood.

Install Guide: Cold-Air Intake Install

First off I really want to thank the guys over at Takeda. Without you this wouldn’t be possible. I would also like to state that the reason this review took so long is because I wanted to test if for a month not just throw it in and review it off that. So lets get to it.

There are a few differences that I noticed right off the bat. This is a 1 piece design meaning you cannot convert it into a SRI. That is fine by me CAI’s have always been CAI not a short heat intake. This thing is crazy light. When I got the box I wasn’t sure it was even in there (yes it is that light). The other 2 things that are different that I saw was that ther is no air straightener and the recirc to the top of the valve covers is just a hole in the pipe. I have to admit that the hole for the recirc worried me a bit. However after everything was installed it is a very solid piece and looks pretty damn good to boot.

The pipe comes down and rests at a 90 degree angle to the ground and has no shield to protect it from water. There is a filter shield however I did not get it with this to review. With that being said I have driven though very HEAVY rain and have not sucked in any water or thrown a CEL. It sounds pretty much like every other CAI that I have had on the car but if going from a stock air box to this the engine is much louder. You will hear your turbo spool and BPV/BOV (Depending what your running).

I have to say after a month of driving with this though Rain / Snow and Normal weather it has preformed to my standards. No CEL, Looks good in the engine Bay, Adds Great Sound to the engine and is backed by a great company.

Overall score: 9 / 10

Very Light Weight (Shockingly light) even vs other brands.
Proven Dyno’s for added power.
No CEL After Install.
Very High Quality.
Fast Shipping from the company.

Very Tight Fit – Almost thought was being installed wrong
Price point is a bit high but worth it overall.
Only comes in Chrome (may or may not be a con)

Here are some pictures:

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