Jan 05 2009

About Me and the Garage

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This story has kinda changed as the times have changed as well. First, a little bit about me. My Name is Kris and I am kind of a self taught jack of all trades. As once I see how something is done I can pick it up and do it myself. My main background is strongest in computers and electronics, everything from building, repairing and security. I am also pretty good with car mechanics as well because, when I was younger my father taught me the importance of maintaining your own car and the savings that came out of doing the job yourself. However this is not all that it teaches you. It teaches you to be “one with your car” because you do the maintenance yourself you know about your car, where everything is located etc.

Ever since my first car I have done everything from electronics installs (radio, amps, subs, video etc), replacement maintenance (oil, brakes, shocks, struts) and even rebuilt an engine after the head gasket blew.

In March of 2007 I decided that it was time to get a new car. I was between a few but I knew whatever I was going to get I wanted it to be JDM. With the way everything worked out and the help of a great salesman I ended up going home with Lolla, a 2007 Mazdaspeed 3 Cosmic Blue Sport. Once I got the car I of course wanted to mod it, work on it, learn about it and get the most out of it. So I did my homework on the forums among other places. The problem I ran into though was when I looked for tutorials on installing some of the parts I was getting either the images were gone, the post had been deleted or the pictures weren’t that great to begin with. This is what led to the birth of krystmsgarage.com

I created the site and my tutorials to help those who want to do it themselves. And because I was taking all the pictures and hosting all the files on the site, the visitors will never have to worry about the images disappearing or the quality being bad. I enjoy all the feedback I get and love doing this on the side as it gives me something to do and keeps me working on Lolla to boot. I don’t plan to ever get rid of the site and if I get a new car or another car I will just add those tutorials to this site too just in their own section.

Traffic to the site is growing slowly but surely and I hope to one day get linked from the bigger sites. I do see that happening one day and hope that the information here is as helpful as everyone has said. If you have questions just leave a comment or contact me though email and I will do what I can to help out. One day if I ever get the garage cleaned up enough to my standards I may post pictures of the actual garage here haha.

As a note to any possible future sponsors, if you have a part that you would like to see on my car, a review or install tutorial please contact me as I would love to do it. I go to many car shows in my area including some of the biggest in the area. I have a mods list that I put up with cards of my current sponsors and partners. So please contact me if you would like to do something.

Well if you read everything I hope you learned a little bit about me and look for me at car shows or rolling around with the Cleveland 6 Club.


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