Jan 01 2009

About My Sponsors

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I feel I should put here that the reason for this page is simple. I believe in my sponsors so much that I wanted to explain a little bit about their respective companies. These companies have been great to work with and have great customer service, shipping and product quality. I am very selective of the companies that I work with to help you guys get the best deals possible. If there is ever any question about their customer service or quality of product these guys will take care of you. I also have provided contact info so you can get a hold of them.

Website: http://www.cp-e.com
Mazda3Forums Section: Click Here
Contact: Josh (at) cp-e.com
Products I have that they offer: StandBack 2 | Plug and Play Harness
Custom Performance Engineering (cp-e) is a company dedicated to getting every bit of power you can out of your car. With proven products like FMIC, StandBack and Downpipe you cannot go wrong. The quality of their products and customer service is outstanding. If you have any questions about any of their products send Josh an e-mail or post in the forums. As a side note CP-E is a smaller company with some of the biggest and best parts on the market so if you don’t get a reply right away don’t worry they will respond and do you right.

Website: http://www.dashdaq.com/
Contact: sales (at) drewtech.com
Products I have that they offer: DashDAQ System with Mazda Specs
There really isn’t too much to say about this small Michigan based company. Simply put they make the absolute best OBD Reader / Gauge hardware. Constantly updated, easy to use and great help too boot make this hands down THE BEST piece of vehicle monitoring equipment you can get. If you have the means get one now you will NOT be disappointed.

Website: http://www.designengineering.com/
Contact: sales (at) designengineering.com
Products I have that they offer: CryO2 Intercooler Fogger Kit | Dual Port Purge Kit
Design Engineering or DEI is famous for their Cryogenic Cooling system as well as Exhaust Wraps, Fuild Additives and More! The CryO2 kit is made from very high quality parts and the instructions included are very detailed. The customer service and shipping times have been nothing short of amazing and the DEI team has been great to deal with. If you have ever thought about doing CryO2 for your car you will not be sorry! The TMIC on hot days this is a huge help espcially if your at the track!

Website: http://www.discounttiredirect.com/
Contact: forums (at) discounttireco.com
Products I have that they offer: Enkei – FLC-01 Bronze | Nitto Neo Gen Tires
This company has been nothing but a dream to deal with. They have great prices and wonderful service. The items I ordered arrived next day with their standard shipping. (I am in Ohio however) They do have a few different warehouses that they ship out of so your order will arrive fast. Currently they are not a part of the Mazda community but maybe next year. If your in the market for tires check here first! You won’t be sorry!

Website: http://www.jdmgoodie.com
Mazda3Forums Section: Click Here
Contact: Pauline (at) JDMGoodie.com
Products I have that they offer: JDM Rain Guards, Axela Foot Well Lights, Axela Badge
JDM Goodie is a great website that makes getting those hard to get JDM parts a breeze. With their great prices and growing selection it makes for a winning combination. Contact Pauline for any parts that you would like to see if they don’t already have them.

Website: http://www.nextmod.com
Mazda3Forums Section: Click Here
Contact: Supershyguy_2000 (at) yahoo.com
Products I have that they offer: GV Replica Lip / Side Skirts / CF Wing Lip
Nextmod is a company dedicated to completely changing the styling of your car. With some of the most popular fiberglass body kits and best fitting pieces. That is what makes nextmod a great place to get your next style. Using a durable fiberglass called Duraflex this allows them to make a great, high quality product at lower price.

Website: http://www.partplaza.net
Mazda3Forums Section: Click Here
Contact: Sales (at) PartPlaza.net Attn: Mike or Rus
Products I have that they offer: Hatchback Eyelids
PartPlaza Automotive Design is a company that has all the details in mind. Anything that you could need for exterior or interior modifications they will have it. So far my experience with them has been great. With wonderful customer service and being easy to talk to make for a great place to get parts. If you need any thing you can also catch them on MSN @ “sales@partplaza.net”

Website: http://www.thmotorsports.com
Mazda3Forums Section: Click Here
Contact: AdamK (at) THMotorsports.com
Products I have that they offer: SPC Rear Camber Kit / SS Brake Lines
This company is dedicated to getting all the performance parts you could ever need for your car. They have name brand parts for all brand of vehicles including our Mazdas. If you need anything Adam is a great guy and has excellent customer service. If you even just have a question he will be more then happy to answer it.

Website: http://www.thomarios.com
Contact: Joe (at) Thomarios.com
Products I have that they offer: Misc. Powder Coated Items / Had – PC RX-8 Rims
Thomarios has been in the powder coating business for a very long time. With one of the largest ovens in NE Ohio they can handle anything a car enthusiast could ever want. If you need anything powder coated please contact Joe for pricing. Even if it is not for a car they can handle it. Their work is some of the best I have seen and can be done usually within a few days. When you contact Joe make sure to let him know Kris sent ya!

Website: http://www.twmperformance.com/
Mazda3Forums Section: Click Here
Contact: sales (at) twmperformance.com
Products I have that they offer: Short Throw Shifter / A6 Gunmetal Knob w/etched gearing
TWM Performance has a long history of making quality shifters, knobs and shifter bushings for all assortments of cars. They have some of the best products on the market and with their awesome customer service you can’t lose. The short throw I have has made me feel more as 1 with my car and made driving it even more fun. So to renew your love of driving pick up a short throw from TWM!

As a note to any possible future sponsors, if you have a part that you would like to see on my car, a review or install tutorial please contact me as I would love to do it. I go to many car shows in my area including some of the biggest in the area. I have a mods list that I put up with cards of my current sponsors and partners. So please contact me (info on left) if you would like to do something.

Sponsoring me will get you advertising at car shows, tutorials and reviews exclusively for you, links to your site here, a place on this page and advertising for group buys as well as new products. Anything else you would like we can work with so please let me know.

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