Apr 25 2008


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This page is where you will find products that I was given the opportunity to review. A bunch more of these are coming soon as I have items in shipping. Expect this page to get updated a lot over the next few months as I get more items for my car.

DashDAQ – Data Logger / Diagnostic Tool
5 Pictures
Mazda3Mods Turbo Inlet Pipe
3 Pictures
Mazda3Mods Shifter Bushings
3 Pictures
Takeda Cold Air Intake for MS3
13 Pictures
TWM Performance Short Throw Shifter
4 Pictures

Reviews by Tekwatch

Takeda Cold Air Intake for Mazda 3
5 Pictures

PC Hardware / Accessory Reviews


Alienware TactX™ Mouse
7 Pictures
Griffin Powermate
8 Pictures
Logitech G19 Keyboard
20 Pictures
Logitech G27 Racing Wheel
14 Pictures


Areca 1210 SATA Controller Card
5 Pictures

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