Jan 19 2008


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Just as a side not I just wanted the general population that work on their cars that the most common tools that I have used on this car is 8 mm, 10 mm, 14mm, 17 mm and Philips head screwdriver.

Electronics Tutorials:

Basic Alarm System Install

Voltage Stabilizer / Condenser Install

H.I.D. Install

JDM Footwell Lamps

Radar Detector Install (Direct Wire)

Engine Tutorials:

Cam Driven Fuel Pump (CDFP) Internals Install

Cold Air Intake Install

Cat-Back Exhaust and Race/Mid Pipe Install

Oil Catch Can Install

Rear Motor Mount Install

StandBack w/PNP Harness Install *NEW

Turbo VTA Inlet Install

Interior Installs:

Shifter Bushing Install

Short Throw Shifter Install

Sok07’s Custom Accel Pedal Install

Sok07’s Custom Brake / Clutch Pedal Install

Outer Body Tutorials:

Angel Eye Install

“Black Out” / Tint Side Markers / Reflectors

Front Bumper Removal

Caliper Painting

Change Your Turn Signal Bulbs (Because You Never Know)

Headlight Disassembly

Headlight Removal

Home Depot Front Lip Kit – HD Lip Kit

JDM Rain Guard Install

Lamin-X Install

Rear Bumper Removal

Rear Wiper Removal

Stainless Steel Brake Line Install and Bleed Brake Lines.

Regular Maintence:

Oil Change

Suspension Tutorials:

Adjustable Rear Camber Install

Lowering Springs Install Front/Rear

Tekwatch’s Tutorials:

ATX Fluid Flush / Change

Coolant Fluid Change | Replace stock Cooling Hoses

Krystm’s Garage and it’s affiliates are not responsible for any damage or problems that may come from doing things incorrectly these are only guides. However if you follow these guides and are careful there should be no problems. Just take your time and follow the guides.

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