Jun 15 2010

June Update!

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So as keeping with my trend I can at least give everyone an update of what is happening with myself and the car. I have been working a ton and Texas heat well that is no fun to work on the car in. The body kit is almost completely repaired and ready to be put back on for the upcoming shows and meets.

I have been getting loads of questions and I am considering adding a forum for people to ask questions if people will use it. Be a good way to get that added extra info that I am being asked. For an idea of what I have been getting asked has been from everything about the always popular HD Lip to battery recommendations. Keep sending in the emails and I will do what I can to help you guys out! As always thanks for the kind words and continued support. The ads are generating money but apparently going to be a while before I hit the threshold to getting anything so keep on clicking!

I will be making it out to more shows and events now that my move is complete and work has died down so be sure to look for me at them!


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