Feb 11 2009

Tutorial: Rear Motor Mount

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Tools Needed:

17 MM Socket

Breaker Bar

Locktite Blue

Wire Wheel

Jack or Ramps (so you can get under the car)

Time Needed: 20-40 Min Depending on Bolt

Difficulty: 2 / 10


This is a pretty easy install as long as your bolts are not to siezed up as you will see later in this tutorial. To start identify your motor mount as seen here.

Once you get the bolts out your gonna have to do a combination rock and pull the mount down to get it out. Once out the hard part is done.

Once out use a wire wheel and clean up the bolts. Then when installing put a strip of locktite on the threads and install the bolts. I don’t know if it is true or not but it has been sugested to tighten the bolt that holds the mount to the body FIRST then the bolt to the Engine.

Now for the interesting part. I had an incredibility hard time removing the bolt that held the mount to the engine. Well I come to find out after a day of using PB Blaster and Breaker Bar I was able to get it removed. Some how I completely took all the threads out of the stock mount. You can see it if you look closely at the stock mount. Its super smooth on the inside of the nut. And yes that is the threads from the nut on the bolt.

Krystm’s Garage and it’s affiliates are not responsible for any damage or problems that may come from doing things incorrectly these are only guides. However if you follow these guides and are careful there should be no problems. Just take your time and follow the guides.

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